GLASS WALLS with the collective name EXCEL (Lux, Eco)
Excel provides an economical solution consisting of aluminium or MDF framing, Europanels and glass partitioning system, which offers glazed, plasterboard and composite modules and doors dependant on the needs of the Client.
Partitioning is easy to install and relocate, providing an opportunity to divide the office space in order to create new workstations and zones.
Partitioning is used in offices, shops, hospitals, schools, etc.
Partitioning system consists of aluminium framing ( 55 mm) or MDF framing ( 92 mm), 46 mm Europanel and glazed modules of 6 mm or 8 mm or 10 mm glass and PVC slats.
Maximum height of partitioning in case of using special profiles is + 6000 mm (MDF 3000 mm).
Design and glass of partitioning are based on the needs of the Client.
EXCEL partitioning system complies with technical specifications EE 10047391 TS1-99.
The material used in module panels is approved by Health Protection Inspectorate. It is also possible to use other materials and fixtures in case the technical parameters are equal to or better than those given in technical specifications.
Partitioning profiles are either in anodised finish or in polyester powder coated colour (RAL). Colour quality complies with the requirements of GSB International, reg. no. 090.
Glass thickness of Excel partitioning system is 6,  8 or 10 mm and in case of EXCEL LUX only 10 mm (  not framing) . One can choose between different types of glazing: bronze, grey smoke, flint, obscured, patterned, laminated or hardened glass. If so whished by the Client double (6+25+6mm) glass partitioning is also available.
Special PVC profiles are used for glazing. Standard colours include brown, black, grey and white. EXCEL LUX partitioning uses transparent PVC profiles.
Both full glazed, veneered and white or special coloured timber doors and casings are available. In case of special order we also offer aluminium door casings. Aluminium door casings have black PVC seal.
The partitioning may also be constructed of aluminium, glazed or timber slide door and folding door. Usual door dimensions are 9 x 21, but in case of special order other dimensions are also available.
In glazed panel all locks and handles suitable for aluminium casings and glass may be used. In case of veneered and smooth standard doors Abloy, BODA and ASSA locks and Primo handles and knobs are used.
Sound transmission resistance of modules:
– 46 mm Europanel and 6 mm glass  ~27-30 dB
– 92 mm Europanel (ECO) ~43 dB
– laminated glass 3 + 0,8 + 4 ~37 dB
– laminated glass packet 3 + 0,8 + 4 + air 25 mm + 6 mm glass ~42 dB
Glass wall may be fixed to concrete, plasterboard, timber or false ceilings.
Basic profile or finishing profile is used in fastenings.
Where partitioning is fastened to floor, the electric cables may be installed under basic detail placed under Europanel or glass.
For glass fastening special PVC profiles are used. Single and double (special order) glazing is available.
Venetian, lamella or roller blinds can be fastened to Excel partitioning or the panels may be covered with decorative and safety films.
Special aluminium profiles are installed at different 45° (135°), 90° and T-corner junctions. Different corners are joined by round profile, and thus junction is achieving at any angle.
 Vertical and horizontal wall components
 Connecting details of 90º angles
 Connecting details of the wall
 Connecting details of 45º (135º) angles
 Connecting details of freely positioned angles
All the EXCEL type of wall components can be used several times, which gives them a big competitive advantage as compared to other analogous walls, i.e. it is possible to create entirely new solutions from the same components, whereas 85% of all of the existing wall will be reused. The second major advantage, as compared to other wall types, is the installation technique, where the components of EXCEL wall system are fastened to the existing walls, independent of the parallelism of the constructed walls, ceilings and floors; glasses or euro-panels, however, are cut in accordance with the existing walls and floors. Such a technique eliminates all constructional errors.


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