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Ltd. “MENDALI” 14 YEARS ALREADY ENGAGED IN LATVIAN lightweight design partitions, fully glazed partitions, toilet and shower cabinets.

EXCEL partitions are made of anodised aluminum profiles with single glass, double glazing or panel fillings.
Aluminum profiles can be painted.

EXCEL partition advantages:

  • Partitions are installed in fully finished premises and do not require additional decoration;
  • Partitions are easily dismantled and installed in another place;
  • with partition help can be split already in the inservice room.

If necessary, the glass fence partitions are plastered with an ornamental film, creating a frosted glass appearance
Panel filling partitions stained in any color tone, some intend designer.

Glass partitions EXCEL LUX. Frameless tempered full glass partitions for elegant interior and improved transparency. The glass may also be tinted brown or gray. Glass-wall mattress is achieved by baking it with matte decorative film. The Dorma and Geze fittings are used for walls of the full glass.

EXXE WC partition system.

EXXE toilet partitions are made of a double-laminated chipboard, which is fitted in an anodized aluminum profile. WC cabins can be manufactured in any size according to customer requirements. The legs of the cabin walls are made of acid-resistant stainless steel. The color of the cowboy sunset is most often white or gray, but more than 40 different laminate tones are available.

EXXE shower partitions.

Shower partition walls are made of anodized aluminum and frosted polycarbonate or cell komateksa sheets. Construction is fastened to the walls, and based on stainless steel legs.

Aluminum doors.

Anodized aluminum interior doors. They are mild, do not damp, do not apply, do not rust and do not oxidise.

We produce and install balcony balustrades and glazed stair rails.

We will be glad to give you advice on which solution to your premises would be more suitable and beneficial.

We have a lot of experience in cooperation with many kindergartens in Latvia, therefore we can offer several products suitable for kindergartens. We manufacture and install children’s toilet cabins, clothes cabinets and sliding walls, doors.

As examples we can mention – PII “The sun” in Liepaja, PII “Waldorf” Adazi, PII “Dreiliņi” Riga, PII “Vārpiņa” Rujiena 3 Gulbene PII, PII Valdeku street in Riga, etc.

We will be glad to give you advice on which solution to your premises would be more suitable and beneficial.

Phone: 67805412 
E-mail: mendali@mendali.lv
Kalnciema Street 40d, Riga, LV 1046

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